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someone always destroyin the positive vibe. being a general shit cunt .
oi maryann , stop neggin ya shit cunt
by mossyneggin March 20, 2009
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Undermining the confidence of another person in a way calculated to cause the person to be more dependent on you; a tactic of manipulative persons used against others with low self esteem.
He just neggin, kept telling her how beautiful she was while he was looking at other women. At one point he was like, "I like a girl with a big ass" and he's eyeballing this twiggy thing. She's just trying to get her eyes on him, all sad and clueless.
by Highsmith May 20, 2018
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verb (its what you do)
to be or not to be extremely cute and cool at the same time. you can also be very hilariously dude-like. doesnt matter whatever neggin you want to do you are doing
DUDE: wat ya doin BABE
BABE: im neggin
DUDE: what kind of neggin are you doing
BABE: whatever neggin i want to do, jesus
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