When facial hair grows on a manchild's neck but not on his face. Identifying said person as someone incapable of adult interaction or successful working relationships.
Meet my co-worker neckbeard. Don't stare, he gets self conscious about his inability to grow a mans beard.
by MAJEKA August 01, 2011
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(v) - to hide in your room, lights off, blinds drawn, shying from society in order to play a video game. This is the stereotype for Dwarf Fortress players but the variety is getting bigger, with games including Minecraft, Warcraft, and Team Fortress 2.
Niall: Where did Ryan go? The party starts in an hour!
Patrick: He went to his room to play TF2. He wants to get a golden wrench.
Niall: He's not neckbearding hard enough to get one of those, and he's neckbearding pretty hard.
by neo! July 06, 2010
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In programming jargon, a neckbeard is someone who enjoys working in lower level languages for the sake of being manly. Neckbeards typically favor Unix, VI, and AD&D.
I dunno I don't speak neckbeard
by purly May 28, 2010
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Someone who does absolutely nothing with their life, has no job, no future, and always tries to find a way out of having to get a job. Because only men can have a full neck beard (there are of course exceptions) they are usually the ones referred to as a neck beard.
Man my friend is such a neck beard that he took out yet another loan to pay for his tattoos as well as another speeding ticket he got last week
by ray ray va jay jay January 17, 2011
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Anyone who makes long definitions to pointless words that nobody uses. AKA You.
"Why did this guy write a 20 Paragraph paper on the definition of Ratchet?"
"Because he's most likely some loser Neckbeard."
by Man Of Noob March 18, 2015
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