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neckbones- black people soup;neckbones are usually boiled with potatoes and seasoned to perfection,and is usually eaten with cornbread.
open the pack of neck bones,put them in a pot of water,let the water boil,season the nec kbones,after the've boiled for about 45 minutes add potatoes.

neck bones are inexpensive unless you buy the family pack!

little girl-mama what you cookin' for dinner?
mama-some neck bones,potatoes,and cornbread now walk to the store and get a big pop for dinner.

(neck bones are most likely very meaty)
by sidney kinney July 03, 2006
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When a comment is uttered that attempts to be witty, intelligent or poignant but falls flat, i.e. a bad joke or stupid observation/suggestion, a neckbone must be given to the perpetrator. This involves yelling out "neckbone!" and grabbing the back of the person's neck with the palm of the hand and pulling across in a swift, hard motion...if done properly, it will leave a red mark, similar to an Indian burn.
Person 1:"Seriously, Jessica Simpson is really talented, you guys."
Everyone Else: "NECKBONE!!!"
*neckbone is given*
by John B. November 03, 2004
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1. Moron; idiot; person who has just said or done something stupid.
2. Term used to belittle another.
3. Yo, just look in the mirror, son.

-Captain Neckbone: big neckbone
-Redneckbone: southern neckbone
-Neckface/Neck: slang variations
- "Olivia ended up in New York, thinking it was Newark..." "What a neckbone."
- "Who the hell is Kenny Chesney, you Reckneckbone?"
- "Amanda's such a neckbone, she left her keys in another state."
- "Brian's a neckface."
- "Tyler, you neck, get me a brownie sundae!"
- "Captain Neckbone just ruined Alon's party by peeing on the cake." "..."
by Tyler D. & Amanda K. December 09, 2006
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A word someone says before they pull on the tendon in your neck with their index and middle fingers as punishment for you believing some outrageous story.
Trickster: "Hey man, you'll never believe this. I saw 2pac at the club last night!"
Victim: "Are you serious? I knew he was still alive."
Trickster: "Neckbone!"
Victim: "Awww shit, man. That hurt!"
by Madello May 16, 2007
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some one who is a dumb ass wearing last years fashions or can be used as a synonym for herb
by cen one July 21, 2003
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A Native American honorary gift given to a significant other to proclaim their res love, otherwise known as a hickey. Once the process has been completed, they are officially res married until the neckbone wears off. This means that they no longer can hoe, or sleep with other men/women on the DL or Publicly.
Person 1: Oh shit, you're neckboned
Nk'bnd Person 2: Yeah, I was neckboned. I'm a rez husband/wife now.
Person 1: shit sorry fam, I aint mean to come between you two.
Nk'bnd Person 2: Yeah, I'm rez-erved.
by AstumMan97 August 01, 2017
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