i'm in a canoe halfway across the atlantic on my way to london, where i'm going to ride into buckingham palace on a zebra and kidnap the queen of england. nbd.
by nathalie.viridescence February 7, 2011
"no big deal"

often used by people to ensure that is was no big deal, even though it probably was...
mostly used in texts or lame facebook posts.
Guy 1: "Just got an A+ on the math final nbd."
Guy 2: "nobody gives a fuck."
by EatDog December 22, 2011
a phrase that, usually teenage girls or boys, use to brag about something without actually bragging about it. Extremely annoying and often makes the reader want to punch a uterus.
thomas: "just got laid seven times...in a row. nbd or anything"

by DrSpearmint June 13, 2010
the acronym of "no big deal", sometimes used sarcastically.
Dominic:"I just heard 8-10 gunshots outside my house nbd
by cyborg_ninja February 13, 2011
yeah its nbd, but i got major poon last night
by crunk masta d October 27, 2009
person 1 i just did a backflip off of a 10 story building nbd
person 2 how tf are you still alive
by hehehehehehesksksksksksk February 12, 2019