yooo is that stangy in his mx5 miata NB

yeah man we nbd
by IcyWRLD October 6, 2022
never been done. opposite of ABD (already been done)

popular in forum culture
by epicly lally'd August 29, 2006
Stands for NoBody Died. Matter is irrelevant, i.e. it means nothing in the big picture and nobody needs to care.
by charon17 December 19, 2010
when you buy a new bike it's a nbd
by miniwizard May 5, 2019
Acronym for the phrase "No big deal". Typically used sarcastically at the end of a statement of importance as to say it was in fact a big deal.
I got an 89 on my econ final. That's 10 points above average! NBD.
by E. Michael Wood July 11, 2008