Nayanas are the best people you will ever meet with a great spirit. Once you encounter a Nayana keep her and never let her go. She's perfect and the bestfriend you will ever meet.
Nayana is bae
by Urbestfrann December 28, 2016
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Nayana is a sensitive person who likes to talk allot. And stands up for someone in need. Her name means the beautiful eye. She keeps going even if people say that she can't. She is very sweet and nice. Nayana is a good friend.
Nayana can be used in a sentence for The beautiful eye.
by Dab on them April 18, 2018
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Girls called nayana are slightly sexier than a bowl of nachos. They have eyebrows that leave you in awe. Nayanas are some of the most amazing beautiful people you will ever meet.
Guy 1 “bro I banged a proper fit girl”

Guy 2 “was she a nayana

Guy 1 “yeah man! How’d you know”
by Cheekyburrito6969 September 28, 2017
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Nayana is that type of girl who is down for anything. She has a great smile & therefor sweet. She likes to fall for guys named Santana. She pronounces her name NANA. She has nice full eyebrows.

When you get to her bad side she turns into a small hairy creature with a unibrow. With long elbows and bugs bunny teeth. She will also become a snake and whip you. She will grow this big black mysterious thing and then whip it out and dance to your face and then turn back into a sweet girl.
BOY; you Nayana was so hot

Other BOY: yo she a fetus donggg
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Nayanas,are often annoying,and never know when to shut the fuck up,ther often fake friends,and stupid cunts,they will never accepted when ther wrong and they will ruin your entire life,nobody wants. A fucking NAYANA!
Have you guys ever ,said damn that girl never shuts the fuck up,well that my friends thats a nayana
by Speaker of hell May 17, 2016
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