Navia is a kind, fun, nice loving, beautiful girl. She's also a badass, if you piss her off, you're screwed. She's the best girl you'll meet, all of the boys are after her. Navia also mean success. She will achieve her goals no matter what gets comes in her way.
Navia will achieve her goals no matter what happens.
by MeowMeowLove December 03, 2017
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Natsu x Juvia
The best fucking ship ever in Fairy Tail. I mean opposites do attract.
Navia is the best ship, and if you say otherwise Imma cut your fucking head off.
by Yumiko_Dark Child July 16, 2018
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Naviae - Latin: One is born

Naviyah- Hebrew - Prophetess, Seer, Oracle

Nav- slavic underworld
*Navi's day - Slavic Day of the Dead

'AE' - Faery, angelic realm

Naviae = Underworld Faery
naviae is a vessel
naviera - shipping

Navidad - Birth
by tigger thompson February 05, 2010
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Navia is a beautiful, smart and funny girl who has a lot of friends. With emphasis on beautiful.
Everyone wants to be Navia!
by Anousisilar February 23, 2017
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The (ghetto)short for ''Scandinavia'' - a word inspired and influenced by the slums
of Scandinavian countries; where dice is shot everyday on the street for funds
only to quickly spend it on pizza and ''blandsaft''.
'' Yo man, f*ck them other cats, we're straight from the slums of Navia! ''

'' Damn dawg, them Navian cat's ain't playin' around! ''

''Yo son! This is the best pizza Navia has to offer! ''
by Papiano June 05, 2017
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