to work out in a gym (eponymously after the Nautilus chain of fitness centers)
"You know, those mail bags, they get mighty heavy. I uh, I
Nautilus, of course. (puffs out his chest)."

Newman in Seinfeld Ep. 132 The Bottle Deposit
by Jerry Newman September 21, 2007
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A kiss under the water, named after the first submarine "The Nautilus"
Ryan: Hey you wanna go under the water and explore The Nautilus?

Hannah: Sure!
by classicrocker192 July 13, 2009
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N. An exit maneuver that is performed after walking into an awkward or otherwise undesirable situation. It consists of walking or scuffling backwards while undulating the arms along the anterior region of the transverse plane, imitating the way the chambered nautilus swims. A person performing the reverse nautilus will try to forget what has been seen.

V. To do the reverse nautilus.
N. When I saw my little brother masturbating, I did the reverse nautilus.

V. Last night I ran into my roommate having sex, and I promptly reverse nautilused out of there.
by assmurderer January 10, 2010
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