A fake museum; one that purports to advance learning without actually having scientific or educational content.
The Creation Nauseum in Kentucky makes me want to puke; dinosaurs on the Ark with Noah? C'mon!!
by Slackie Onassis May 31, 2007
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When the media (mainly television) will report non-stop about "sad" events such as Darfur, AIDS, people dying of the Swine Flu, a teenager's dying last wish fulfilled, philantropy of billionaires, athletes visiting cancer wards and later playing that night through the anguish, Brett Favre's Monday Night Football game after his father died, people losing their homes and Jimmy Carter's response to it, "Where's Caylee," a man or woman who used to make six figures working at Fridays, 9/11 (and anything 9/11 related) and other lugubrious moments that are recycled for the purpose of jerking our tears and jolting the ratings of the networks.
KELLY: Did you see Nancy Grace last night? A baby was raped, a couple lost their home, Bill Gates donated 1 billion to Darfu, another baby was raped, Derek Jeter gave a random baseball to an 8-year old with an inoperable brain tumor, 9/11, 9/11, economy hurt people, baby raped again.

KEVIN: Yes, it's called Sad Nauseum.

KELLY: Is that kind of like when a baby is raped?

KEVIN: No. No it isn't.
by tedwilli9 June 21, 2009
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When something is so funny in that there are many jokes that could be made about the situation, but you cannot choose just one, so you can't say anything. It's better to leave it alone than to waste it.
Person A: If my mom was on TV, I wouldn't watch it
Person B: If your mom was...okay I can't do it, its rad nauseum
by donkey princess June 10, 2009
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A yet-to-be-publicised medical condition in which a member of the audience of a Brand New show feels sick, and eventually has to run out of the crowd in order to vomit his/her brains out. The cause for this condition is yet to be determined, but is largely thought to be influenced by excitement of seeing the band, which is cranked up to a dangerously high level, thus weakening the body's natural defense systems and causing the victim to fall sick.
I suffered brand nauseum while Brand New was playing.
by dr. frank-n-furter. July 19, 2009
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Watching so many commercials it makes you sick. Being sick of advertisements. Also a song by B.O.O.M.
1 'oh man, that burger king gave me ad nauseum XO'
2 'and they're playing it again! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!'

Dude1 'That B.O.O.M song Add Nauseum was rad!'
Dude2 'totally!'
by ad sick January 7, 2010
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People who get a RISE IN THEIR LEE VIES.

Following the ADCOPIUM statutes in MALAY.


You want to leave me AFIELD because you continue to be an AD NAUSEUM STACKS CARPERS as you insistently enjoy PUSHING MY BUTTONS to see what competitive TRESPASS BULLCRAP EXCUSE you can come up with to earn criticize me in how I SHAVE IN YOUR BATHROOM MY HEMORRHOIDS avoiding MY ASSH0LE.

Look if you are going to FUCK PROPERLY listen AD NAUSEUM STACKS CARPERS to those PR PEOPLE at BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY YELLING , "HE'S 0NE OF US" , no , I say FUCK that is not quite right as you mean , 9 19 33 66 = 128, and what you are saying WARREN EDWARD BUFFET AND CHARLES THOMAS MUNGER, "he's one of "US US" and I say now that is excellent INTESTINE all fortitude as make it simple and don't use those STEEP CURSE WORDS in that COFFEE HOUSE as just do the YELL LIKE ELON!!!! , 9 19 33 66 UU BITCH!!!!!

Hey you know AD NAUSEUM STACKS CARPERS smoked them all out including those PEDANTIC STUCK UP PARSIMONIIOUS STANFORD KNOW IT ALLS as OWEN is the MAN of the CENTURY of the perfect coach of abolishing that nauseating NOISE out there OF the ADCOPIUM RACE.

Introducing the most efficient largest CAPITALIZED and most efficient corporation to be in the word CUT THE FAT to ADD THE RIGHT NEW FAT and those AD NAUSEUM STACKS CARPERS is just those GUEST SUPERVISORS that are still shopping the SANTA CRUZ for the LEFT S0AP.
by MAJOR OCCURRENCE July 12, 2022