Someone who consistently annoys others to the point of receiving a physical and/or verbal attack.
Jonesy : "Did you have a nice day today? how about I make you some nice carbonara for dinner?"

Loft : Fuck off you nause
by The El Hadj Groove November 24, 2010
"That fucking idiot Dave was supposed to fit my new floor, but the twat NAUSED it all up"
by ADutchCapo November 21, 2005
To nauseate, annoy
We went to the mall to nause the security guards. Working weekends is such a nause.
by SNAFU September 22, 2003
Dat ho is such a fucking nause. I cant stand being around her!
by ghetto lexicographer October 20, 2009
nause is something that is continually annoying or causes a person to become aggitated or frustrated.
Doing that job is such a nause
by Neverland20 August 10, 2018
Guy: I tried talking to a girl last night at the bar, and she completely naused me
by ice princess December 11, 2013
When you text someone and know they have your message but ignore you on purpose usually to annoy/irritate you
She messaged him on Facebook but he didn't answer her even hours later even though he was posting on his story/day just minutes after she messaged him. She was being 'naused'.
by Some lonely person 😋 April 20, 2017