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Narutard is a derogatory term applied to otaku fans of the anime title Naruto. It is a word play on the combination of naruto and retard. This term surfaced during early 2004 at the beginning of the anime's popularity in America and characterizes the behavior of Naruto fans as being so blindly devoted to the series (with an almost religious cult-like fervor) that they act incredibly stupid and can be confused with retarded (er, mentally challenged) persons.

This is mostly seen on internet forums and chat services such as IRC, where the Naruto series is a constant source of debate. Many narutards dress as their favorite character during conventions or festivals to display their metal head bands, which are worn by characters in the series as a sign of gang affiliation. One characteristic of a narutard is that they will wear just a head band over their street clothes and tell everyone that they are cosplaying. Serious cosplayers who wear costumes that cost hundreds of dollars in raw materials and took weeks to construct generally consider narutards to be anywhere from merely ignorant to downright insulting.

With the license acquisition of Naruto in early 2005 by ShoPro Entertainment, many narutards spawned numerous forum discussions debating the impact of the deal, from the legality of trafficking amateur subtitled copies of the title (something which should be pretty obvious, especially once American distribution rights had been acquired) to a grass-roots petition begging Cartoon Network and ShoPro / Viz to retain the full integrity of the anime during its adaptation into English. However, as with many Japanese series adapted into English, there are legal and other issues which often make it difficult if not impossible to produce a rendition faithful enough to appease purists.

Most narutards are, unsurprisingly, also purists when it comes to adapting Naruto into English. Allegedly, a few narutards boasted of their intention to engage in physical vandalism, DDoS, and other assaults toward ShoPro and Cartoon Network. Other alleged proposals included a petition and hunger strike camping out in front of these companies' offices
"naruto is the best anime in the world"
"naruto rocks"
by Ben Bertolucci May 26, 2005
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A person who is obsessive over naruto and has become a retard over naruto. A Narutards or narutard consists of 2 words naruto and retard
person 1&2:WOAH! *takes out a kunai* here you go *hands over kunai*
by uchiha_girl May 04, 2006
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A mixture of two words, 'Naruto' and 'Retard,' a Narutard is a huge anime fan of the anime/manga series Naruto. They love the characters truly, by cosplaying their characters with cheap clothing. Anyone could be a Narutard with ease, such as I.

Narutards usually didn't read the manga or watch the Japanese version of it. They usually fantasize about yaoi/yuri pairings that are unbelievable, like if this one guy kissed this other guy and married each other.

Also, if one is a Narutard, they are most likely to post definitions here on Urban Dictionary about their most loved characters and most hated characters.
Narutards usually are too crazy fans of the anime/manga Naruto. They do crazy things if they love the series.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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A person who obsesses over Naruto immensely. Who can quote almost every line, wear's their headband proudly, and want's to kill Viz for making Naruto say believe it.
Random Dude: "Believe it!"
Narutard: -kills random dude with kunai- "Bastard!"
by Uchiha-Chan April 02, 2006
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Commonly used in reference to a Naruto fanboy, who typically joins a channel that fansubs said anime to ask stupid questions.
Is Naruto 1999 out yet?!?!
@find Naruto 1999
Can someone send me naruto 1999?
which bot has naruto 1999?
When does naruto GT come out?
by Agreton January 02, 2004
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A blatant fan of the anime Naruto, usually within the 5-15 age group. They believe that Naruto is the 'best show ever', and refuse to admit otherwise. There are many types of Narutards, including but not limited to: five year old Cartoon Network Worshippers, high school freshmen, and 30 year old fat men living in their mothers' basements. Generally the most common type of Narutard seen is the high school freshman. Often they are spotted lurking in the hallways of school, throwing paper shuriken at random passerby and screaming "Dethaxx no Jutsu!" They watch bootleg DVDs of Naruto in Japanese subtitles, which makes them think that they can automatically speak Japanese, when the only word they have paid attention to is 'baka'. They will run around in a frenzy screaming this word until they collapse because of their unhealthy diet of ramen and pocky. Usually Narutards grow out of their phase within a year due to the extreme beatings they recieve from people who just can't stand them anymore. When one happens upon a Narutard, it is best to keep a distance, as Narutards are deluded, idiotic creatures, as demonstrated by their ability to believe that an loud Anglo-Saxon boy wearing a bright orange jumpsuit could pass as a ninja. Do not try to reason with Narutards, as they will gang up on you and pelt you with paper throwing stars. While this is not harmful in the least, it is mildly irritating to the point where you could explode in a fit of rage and knock them all to the ground before they could say, "Believe it!"
They gazed upon the convention hall with a look of shock and horror upon their faces as they saw it was packed with Narutards.
by The White Rabbit August 12, 2007
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