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A mythical creature, mainly from Canada and North America.
Deriving from the words 'Naruto' and 'Retard', Narutard was first really used in 2004 for most of the Naruto forum users. Narutards can be defined as naruto fans who boast about how 'cool' Naruto is, and have never seen any other anime. Most of them watch the Naruto dub. In rare cases, you can see these mythical creatures dashing in and out of random places, attempting to 'train' and join the ANBU. Most of them don't even know that real ninjas derived from farmers, or that ninjutsu was, at one point, an art form in itself. They are either fat or really, really young.
Most of them can't train very hard, can't concentrate, have foam shuriken because their moms won't let them have reqal, dulled ones, have SOCCERMOMS,(shudders) and do not know ANY form of martial arts EXCEPT for ninjutsu and karate. Keep away from narutards.
"Hey! I'm gonna join the ANBU! I bought a hitai-ate even though I'mnot gonna cosplay 'cuz I don't even know what an anime con is! I like bad fanfics that say swearwords like 'crap' and 'dang'! teeheeheehee!" -narutard
"SCREW YOU!!*stabs with family's katana*" -me
by Ginkitsune July 12, 2006
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a) A really ugly person
b) A general insult
c) Something to call a defective peice of hardware
a) Naruto: Hey! Shino! Look at that shit-faced wonder over there!(Points to Sakura)
Sakura:(Punches Naruto very, very hard)
b) Ichigo: Goddamnit! Keigo, you shit-faced wonder!
c) Urahara: Dammit! My PC is such a shit-faced wonder!
by Ginkitsune July 12, 2006
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