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Shortened modernized version of narly typically used by stoners.
Dude that shit is nar nar.
by Puffy January 17, 2004
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I got food poisoned and hurled was nar nar.
by claygi September 14, 2008
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Dude, those dirty pots in Sean's sink are nar nar. Smells worse than a 5-finger abortion!
by fonzaloon September 16, 2005
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Northern California slang (Marin County and beyond) for "retarded"--either literally or something just awkward and stupid.
Dude, that assembly today was nar nar. The guest speaker was such a nar nar.
by Ekkthroi March 19, 2009
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a retard
Your mom is a nar nar.
by Jizzm April 2, 2006
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A term used back in the day to describe a fat ugly chick. Usually slept with when drunk or desperate.
Man, i sure hope bill is carefull with all those nar nars.
by Tim C. November 6, 2004
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Nar Nar is a temporary embodiment of one who is mentally handicapped. It can be brought on by drugs, caffeine, distorted eyeglasses or a general state of giddiness. Upon embodying this mindset, one may feel the urge to scream "Nar Nar!"
Sasha was in complete Nar Nar mode last night when she grunted at a complete stranger.
by Emily Thrilson December 3, 2007
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