A nar dan is a subsection of the Townie genus, They are the more aggressive side to the townie incurrsion. Nar Dan's Can always be seen in big groups wearing their identi-kit T.N/presto hats and 'shitty second rate material' clothing.
by return of September 28, 2003
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Nar dans evolved as the bastard child of JJB Sports and old school NEDS (non educated dole scum) of scottish claim...
An often used analogy of their speach patturn is white person trying to be black...

Commonly seen wearing: Burburry, Anything sports branded (ie, adidas, nike, etc), Pristeen new trainers, usually anything related to some footballer, bling, signet rings, shaven head (not totally, just to a number2), tramlines, not-quite-hit-puberty-yet moustache thing, also, usually the male of the species have their hands down their trousers fondling their bits...

They hate: Goths, grebs, emo, any music which can't be heard out of a vauxhall nova.

They love: Badly modified low performance cars (eg novas and corsas), so called "r&b" and distortion...
Narrrr dan, ah gowna bust ya lip dan, *suck teeth* narrr gonna spark yoo in da face dan
by Lorquis March 14, 2004
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a species gradually becoming more popular, the true nar dan wears his 'original' style cap (which just happens to be exactly the same one as worn by his ten plus associates) on the top of his head and is easily recognised from a distance from the walk which suggests that one leg is shorter than the other, he wears his addidas trousers tucked into his socks and is commonly seen in the trainers 'air force ones', coomonly found 'hangin'round the streets in large groups laughing and groping the group whore, and accusing passers by of 'calling their mum'
yo u scut, ya callin ma mum?
by March 11, 2004
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like townies gerbs hate them and nar's speak like retards
fuckin greb u iz wearin somefink wot costs more than 2 quid
by mrdude November 23, 2003
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also known as "nar nars" or "yo dans" They are very low on the intelligence scale. They use very ridiculous terms such as "nar dan, you want beef" which is both inconsiderate to people who are vegetarian or not named dan. Their favourite pastimes include sitting in big gangs at the back of the bus and "dashing" pennies at the back of normal peoples heads. Creating small dints which make them liable for sueing. Another past time is acting like such twats that old people comment and then they dis-respect them.
The main trouble causes are the males...however the females just go along with their boyfriends simply because they are air heads (possibly from wearing fake burberry head scarfs too tight) The females of the species like to wear huge golden earings that could have the bonus use of bracelets. The males like to wear thick chains which is almost always FAKE!. These people have obviosly grown up with a lack of discipline and need scrubbing from society!
Nar Dan (can also be yo dan), You want beef (i think means trouble), johnno's (you know)...example johnno's where the lavatory is...dan, They also like too ahbrieviate words and change letters... That = dat
by Amy Metcalf March 10, 2004
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Someone who walks with a slight apeish quality and yells such intellegent comments as "get ye hair cut ya scutty greb" and "nar i iz gonna fuck dat greb up if he comes near meh lyk" Female versions "nar-dettes" tend to go along with whatever their nar-dan boyfriend says and doesn't mind when he borrows her jewellry to look more "bling"
"quick lets leg it before those nar-dans beat the shit out of us with their (fake) burberry head scarves"
by Rebecca November 26, 2003
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