A grandma from your moms side . Another word for grandma in urdu
by AsimaBang February 03, 2019
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Nani is Inukitut (the language of the Inuit in Northern Canada) means "Where?"
As his hunting buddy yells: I spot a "Tuktu! (Caribou)".

He quickly replied: "Nani?! (Where?!)"
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by Arctistic January 06, 2018
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Gorgeous queen who can do no wrong and she is also the kindest most funny person ever
Stan Nani
by Teamsupershhhh October 12, 2020
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A mysterious species; one the rarest kind. Portrayed as free yet held in captivity to man-kind. Nothing you know too much about but somehow you can never get to know her quite enough; persona so loud you could hear her in the silence.
It'd be my pleasure to ever be aquatinted with someone like a Nani
by gogomojo March 22, 2011
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Nani is a beautiful human being . It’s hard to find someone as amazing as nani! She’s very energetic, always laughing, and is ready for anything. She hot and she’s the perfect one to call your own one day!
“Is that Nani”
“Omg it is!!”
“She so pretty”
by Purple flamingo0211 July 22, 2018
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In Hawaiian meaning, Nani is 'beautiful'. Based on personality, she is sensitive and peaceful. She's also a girl who is artistic, enjoy music and also, she can be very sensual. Sometimes she can be seen as spoiled because she gets bored and can be discontent.
"Who's that girl? Sitting alone there with headphones on her ears?"
"Oh, that's Nani. She loves music that she barely talk. She's not that socialize with people around her.

"Whenever she dance, her moves always look so sensual!"
"Yeah, she's attractive right??"
"Just look at her eyes! Those sexy stares, who wouldn't fall in love with that charms?!"
"I agree, Nani is very beautiful!"
by Joyce Wood December 27, 2016
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