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something that's cool
The word originated in Hackney, London. Specifically Kingsland Secondary School (now sadly gone).
The word is a direct product of one Nang Phan, an ex-student of KS. It came about through boys in years above her chiding "ahh, Nang you're nang". It caught on like wildfire from there.
by Nang's Best Friend August 11, 2003
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The word nang means cool.
Cor, that was well nang!

Guy 1: Have you seen Star Wars Ep. 3?
Guy 2: Man, that movie is nang!
by The future AlphaClock June 09, 2005
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A word used by moronic idiots to describe they way they feel about a person of the same sex. Sometimes used in horse breeding circles.
That mare is approaching nang.
by PoolThermo June 29, 2010
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something cool or good.
This is a nang piece of booty i got here.
by Will November 21, 2003
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The words actual source is arguable. It is used to describe something that is good or cool. It is a commonly used slang term in London, but is known to be used in other parts of England. The word can be used in many different contexts.
That song was nang.
That car is nang.
You are nang at football.
by Gooneytoon May 11, 2008
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1) Brilliant, Cool, Exciting
2) Onomatopoeic word (famously used by the late Spike Mulligan)
1) Jason's cooking is just too nang!
by jªsºn July 30, 2006
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1. To hang out; Chill. 2. To ask, "what's up." 3. A substitute word for any word that makes sense.

Almost how the Smurfs say, "smurf."
I was totally Nanging last night.
Nang ya!
I'd nang her twice!
by jeffweee September 23, 2009
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The crudest name for nitrous oxide used as a recreational drug. such a harsh name for such a sweet + beautiful drug. Nos, bulbies, whippets, nitrous, or just straight "gas" are much more appropriate, not to mention relative.
ive got a box of nangs



its called "nos" fool!
by arjo October 08, 2005
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