An exceptional friend. She will always stand up for herself and her friends and is very honest. She won't take anyone's shit and she's willing to fight you if she has to. If she doesn't like you be damn sure she'll let you know. She may be the clumsiest and most flirtatious girl you ever meet. She loves to drink, party, dance and just have a good time because she knows that's what it's all about. She doesn't care what people say about her. She can be a bitch at times. She's hot with a nice big ass. She's not an easy girl to get, if you find her you'll have to work hard to get her.
Nanette is a joy to be around.
by misterfuntimeplayer September 24, 2010
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this chick gives amazing head, loves sex and is the best girlfriend very playful and social and she makes the person shes with feel special she can be a bitch if she doesnt like you but shes mostly a chill no bullshit girl. she has tons of friends is a good grinder. shes beautiful and a you wont be able to take your mind off her because shes unforgettable. i hope i never lose her shes rare and all a guy could ever want
by andrewisbawse September 26, 2010
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mother of wonderful children, wife of interesting husband
cooks, cleans, and lets not forget the smile...nanette
by mr_laugh_it_UP February 3, 2010
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Nanette is a French diminutive female name meaning 'Little Anne'. Anne is the English version of the Hebrew 'Hannah' which means 'Grace'. Numerous definitions of 'grace' include elegance, politeness, and generosity of spirit. Grace has a significant meaning to the Christian religions. To Christians, the concept of 'grace' is the unconditional gift of infinite love from God which provides the recipient with freedom from sin.

Baby Names® lists ‘Nanette’ at 116 most popular baby name.
American Actress - Nanette Fabray (b. 1920)

'No-No, Nanette' - The play, on and off Broadway, based on the original play My Lady Friends' by Emil Nyitray and Frank Mandel. 'No-No Nanette' was twice made into a movie, once in 1930 and again in 1940. Both times the actress Zazu Pitts starred in the title role.
by Birichina February 20, 2010
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An amazing girl who kicks butt. She enjoys her friends and is very loyal. She likes to creep on unsuspecting boys and can't seem to stop talking about her self!:) She is just too amazing to stop. Everyone that spends time with her can't get enough. She is a hottie!
She's totally a Nanette.
by sweetdownfall February 3, 2010
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Nanette means a person who is kind, sweet, loyal, reliable and a very good friend. BUT, if you cross or betray her, she will never forget and may also never forgive. She is no doormat.
Nanette is a wonderful name for a little girl.
by November 24, 2021
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