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brave and strong. but kinda emotional when alone. a good friend.
" are you najihah? because im glad to have a friend like you"
by aleuto December 28, 2016
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A quite tall girl for average girl's height and simply adorable. Person who have a perfect set of teeth.
That girl is very gorgeous. She is Najihah
by PakAbu December 30, 2016
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One that is so physically perfect but rotten inside. Have ego over the moon and hardly admitting their own mistakes. Irrelevant and intolerance. Might be dating married guy and so emotional when lonely. Sensitive and hate relevant conversations. Hate deep thoughts and it makes them vividly shallow minded.
A: why don't you date her?
B: She's pretty, but she's a najihah anyway, so I'll pass.
by TheEyeSpeakTheTruth April 23, 2018
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