commonly used in Ukraine short for the phrase "Nice one, Good game everyone"

mostly used in video games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends
Oleksander: "GG"
User: "n1gger"
Bohdan: "Well played"
by Yaroslav1945 March 21, 2020
What a person says to get past a word filter, but is still very offensive to niggers.
You: You're such a #!&#$@.
You think: (oh damn word filter)
You: You're such a n1gger.
You think: (success)!
black person: F you
by acoop5 October 9, 2009
a word for black people that white people cant say or they get canceled or beat up
white person: your a n1gger, (gets beat up)
black person: wsg lil n1gger (greeted nicley)
by Netty008 April 1, 2022
N+1+gger = N+one+gger = Nonegger, as in NONE gger.

None. Zero, zilch, nada, zip. Absolute zero.

Noneggers is the 21st Century, anti-PC answer to the N-word. They don't represent blacks, they don't represent youth, they don't represent anyone but their depraved selves. Doped up losers who appear in videos assaulting homeless people (usually of their own race) and laughing about it.
Another internet video of some n1gger punching out an old black homeless dude half his size in the Chicago subway. When will it end?
by tuftskinstoo November 12, 2011