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Aside from Microsoft's "Operating Systems", the n game is the the world's largest computer virus. It is installed on every school or public computer.

It hypnotizes the user to keep playing despite dying 46436 times to a zap drone. All for a different color (called "Flavour" in game) for the ninja, so the user can play as a pink ninja looking for more flavours.
It's a' me, Mari-ZAP.
n game.
by Joseph Cole May 07, 2008
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A racist game. Notice it is called the "n game" and the guy is black. It does not mean ninja it means NIGGA.
I'm gonna go blow up a black guy on the n game.
by Connor da King March 14, 2007
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A computer game that runs on Macromedia Flash Player 7.
Also a puzzle solving game in witch a ninja constantly and hilariosly dies.
Must play N-game,
I am its slave.
by Sir Kick IN The Crotch September 10, 2008
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