its extremely addictive..
comments are crack..
picture comments make you all like "omigosh!! some one commented my picture!! omg! i have to see what they said..." or all shy like "oh god. here we go.. people comenting me calling me ugly.."
messages.. you probobly have pages and pages of mesages...like me ha!
and everything else makes you wonder who was on your page...
and when it goes down you get REALLY mad... and start complain if your really addicted...like me...sadly..but then i go to my xanga
and the fact that your addicted makes you want to buy the shirts that say "you looked cuter on my space", "dont i know you from my space" and "my space ruined my life"haha i got tht one
my space is the numbrr one place to fall in luv. thats ware half our relationships are based.
myspace makes u wana go on it 24/7 and infact im on it rite now bizotch.
mm...well.....yeah..thts my space...
on the fone.

friend:you wana hang out today?
u:nahh not today man...i gota be a myspace whore today.
friend:u ass hole.
friend: -hangs up fone-
by yo. its leesha August 22, 2006
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"Did you check out my new pic?"

"Yeah dude it was bitchin'...I like the use of too much flash on your cheap ass digital camera. the way you used your mirror was tight, too."

"Yeah. My Myspace rules!"
by RODE THE CHOAD IS GOD May 19, 2007
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A great way to publically dump and humiliate a cheating ex.
Hey! I dumped this stupid male whore on Myspace by writing an explicit comment on his site, then directing him to my Myspace site, where I had changed my status to "single" and wrote about all of my well-endowed exes in the Interests section. You can also dump people on Myspace by posting public bulletins for everyone to read!
by B. B. March 23, 2007
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A widespread epidemic of scene kids and emos trying to see how popular they are. People only join myspace because everyone else is always talking about how they met this "really cute guy/girl last night on Myspace!" and how they have "5,000 picture comments." Of course every teen wants to be part of something so fabulous, and plus, you get to upload thousands of pictures of yourself and make cool profiles. It's the perfect way to exploit yourself on the internet, since everyone can see your pictures, and an even better way to make up a "fake" you, because no one sees you in real life. Kids will often "steal" pictures of glamorous scene girls and claim them as their own. Apparently they are too obsessed with being "cool"
that they think they have to be someone else. Myspace has recently become the hot spot for many scenesters who love taking pictures of themselves and photoshoping their "myspace name" into the corner of it. Myspace has also become notorious for its "perfection groups" filled with self-absorbed scene kids who think that everyone is jealous of them. But the most important thing to remember is that myspace is just an ego contest. You are always seeing how many friends you can get, and how many people will comment your pictures.
"Yeah, well I have 5,623 friends on Myspace."

"Stop stealing my Myspace pictures."

"I'm REAL, so stop copying me. Check out my Myspace Proof video if you think I'm fake. Mkay?"

"I can't believe I got 400 friend requests today on Myspace!"

"I love this mirror picture of me in my hello kitty underwear."
by KylieIsn'tWearingSocks July 09, 2007
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WHat was once a small community of people who could hang out and socialise but is now the domain of emo attention whores and pedophiles. If you ever attempt to tell any user of MySPace the truth of the site the response if them getting bitchy/slapping you in the face/ going "ZOMG WAHH! YOu MAKA FUN AMAH FEELEN!"/ IM EMO YOU BASTARD! //WRIST//
I touched little girls by abducting them from myspace then I cut my wrist!
by Erik Ehlert January 08, 2008
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The place where cool people like Moby likes to hang out.
-Man did you see his myspace?
-Yeah dude it was pretty suck!
by bitchslap May 11, 2006
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