an anime about a boy who heritage his parents fortune after their death in a car accident and hires three maids name
izumi 14, mitsuki 13,n anna 16
he is my master

yoshitaka-hi dude wanna come to my mansion i got three cute young maids that will do anything i tell them to

boy -ok
by yoshitaka August 1, 2011
This is a meme that comes from the song "Roar of the Jungle Dragon" by DM Dokuro that is used in The Calamity Mod

The original lyrics are "This is my message to my master: This is a fight you cannot win. I think that past your Great Disasters, their victory stirs below your skin. If you proceed I will not blame you, I will move forth and win your war. But if I should die before you continue, you shall have heard my final dying roar."

The meme lyrics are as follows: "This is my message to my master: Input meme lyrics here"

Some of them are

This is my message to my master: You posted cringe and lost your subs.

This is my message to my master: Where is Supreme Calamitas?

This is my message to my master, H

there are a lot of possibilities for this meme.
This is my message to my master: where is Supreme Calamitas?
by Origorath, The Mad God November 22, 2020
Standing for: For Whom The Bell Tolls this is a somewhat cover of the Metallica song of the same name. The cover was created by dronemetalists Sunn O))) (pronounced sun).
I hate Lars so much what a d-bag he makes me want to listen to F.W.T.B.T. (I Dream of Lars Ulrich Being Thrown Through the Bus Window Instead of My Mystikal Master Kliff Burton) all day long!

rip cliff burton
my master needs to be to treat people with kindness

who is your master?

harry styles duh
by vlzz June 7, 2021