Supreme Calamitas - final boss of Terraria calamity mod and hardest one.
To spawn you will use Eye of Extinction (craft: Eye of Desolation x1, Auric Tesla Bar x5)
When you spawn her you should be praying....
Good player: I finaly complete Supreme Calamitas
Newbie: WHAT?!?! But its unreal
by ABYS5ECHO April 13, 2020
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Supreme Calamitas is a bullethell superboss from the Calamity Mod from Terraria,it is the hardest boss as of now.
Each of her bullethell phases take only 15 seconds. Also she cannot be butchered and if you use a weapon that deals more than 10% of her hp she will only drop potions without the rest of the loot forcing you to do it legit.(in older versions if you got hit 10 times you would die no mather what was your hp)
Guy 1: Yo dude i just beat Supreme Calamitas,it was extremly hard.
Guy 2: I know bro shes crazy!
by dontlagswitchkids September 25, 2019
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