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A way to refer to a friend of yours. A variation of homie, the boy, my dude, my nigga, etc. that is used a lot up here in PDX. Usually by polo kids and bros.
"ayy wassup my guy"
"let's go chief this blunt my guy"
"thanks my guy"
by DRANK AND JOSH March 18, 2015

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A mook is when you mix weed with tobacco. Usually smoked when taking a bong rip. Feelings of light-headedness, euphoria, and an enhanced high occur. Probably terrible for your lungs.
I took the fatty mook bruhhhhhhhh lets watch some cartoons
by DRANK AND JOSH February 12, 2015

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An Oasis tribute band
The Beatles sound EXACTLY like Oasis
by DRANK AND JOSH May 09, 2010

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