Further slang of a slang word. "Motherfucker" said accented.
Refer to "Motherfucker" for meaning.
"You silly muthafucka!"
"Muthafucka, you best get out my face before I slap the taste out your mouth."
by andrew October 27, 2002
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Differently pronounced version of motherfucker. Can also be used in general speak as a normal word.
Gimme yo' car fo' i blast u muthafucka!
by n00b pwnage December 18, 2004
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muthafucka is a noun person place or thing period. Interchage able in that context. aslo see mofoand mother fucker
Fuck that mothafucka. Or, when asking for a piece of ones pizza one could say. Let me get a piece of that muthafucka
by B-dub (refers to my age) November 17, 2005
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Muthafucka n. One SWEET-ASS jazz musician. A player who's got chops, feel, and ensemble sensibilities all packed together in an unstoppable machine of jazz creation. See also cat.
Tyrone: "Hey Keaton, you check out that Kenny Garrett gig last night?"

Keaton: "Shit yeah nigga, that MUTHAFUCKA was BURNING!"
by Mr. Pirate June 04, 2004
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It was made by the legend himself MythyMoo.
He used this amazing line when he was playing G-Mod.
He described a beautifully burned corpse as a "Crispy Muthafucka"
Person 1 "The man was burned to death"
Myth "he's now a crispy muthafucka"
by Captain Geniuz June 24, 2016
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The state of being suicidal and psychotic at the same time.

One who "don't take shit from no-one" - Derived from "Suicyco Muthafucka" by the band Suicidal Tendencies
by Mike Huffaker December 03, 2002
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