Making someone's hair or clothes untidy.
" Hey sister, don't go mussing up my hair like that !"
by Miles Away Boy November 21, 2013
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When a native around North battlefield wants to fuck
He babe you wanna go muss in your kookums basement?
by MussAguy December 28, 2017
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“Hey, did you get muss from that girl at the club last night?”
“She’s such a hoe, easy muss.”
“She gave me muss til I passed out
by Aj324! June 28, 2019
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one of THE sweetest people alive.

you won't find anyone as awkwardly cute and funny as him.

his jokes'll make you crack up even if you're on the verge of tears.

he loves you no matter what.

and so do you.
I am so sad I wish musse was here
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Stank Vagina That Is So Loose
Liz and Shar and The Tunnel Have Loose Muss
by Loose Muss July 18, 2006
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