When Kaido talks about Akali
Kaido: I crave her presence
I miss her

Izanagi: Grow some balls you mushy tool.
by GazeIntoFunk August 18, 2017
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Something that is so incredibly weird that it is deemed strange by freaks.
Hey dude that guy over there is totally mushy.

That trick was so mushy, never seen anything like it.
by MonkeyFunkDamio December 03, 2011
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The word mushy in Germany means vagina or pussy.
So when someon calls their cat in Germany, its not here pussy cat. Its here mushy cat.
Or if a guy is to go down on a girl...it wouldnt be come suck on my pussy.
It would be come suck my mushy.
Of course there is always the American meaning too..but that one just isnt as fun.
by Jessels May 08, 2007
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Either an adjective or a nickname used to describe someone who is extremely popular, considered "the man," or considered a beast at life
Hey, Mushy, you're going to that party, right?

Dude, you're the mushiest guy around.

Mushy, you're the man!

You see that guy over there...he's mushy at cross country.
by z-mushy-v October 17, 2010
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When someone has you deep and your feelings And gives you butterflies when you think about them.
I got all mushy just daydreaming about my crush
by Wierd November 29, 2016
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