Term used to describe American or Australian model cars hosting large powerful motors produced between 1960's-1970's. These are TRUE cars that will tear up tarmac with the force of a huge roaring V8 with hardcore torque with the absence of cheesey gadgets and microships that infest the weak 4 cylinder rice rockets that plague the roads these days.
Muscle Cars :
Pontiac GTO (holden monaro)
Buick Skylark
Chev Chevelle
Plymouth roadrunner
Holden Monaro GTS
Holden Torana

by schizer December 07, 2006
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V8, Rice pounding, road hugging, 10 second cars that dominate that road.
My 1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 with a 461 and 519hp will KILL any import on the Road today and for the rest of my life.
by John Perry December 20, 2003
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Vodka and V8. Put two toothpicks over the top of the glass, each with two olives, one at each end of each toothpick. Do NOT cross the toothpicks (the toothpicks represent two axels and the pimentoes four wheels & the green olives four tires. No straws or umbrellas please.
I'd like a Musclecar with a Cheese-Burger Deluxe.
by Shelly Bozdog June 19, 2006
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The kind of car that just blew your doors off. Why all the muscle car bashing? Have you ever owned one? driven one? I doubt it. Muscle cars were built from about 1964 to 1972. Camaros and Mustangs are not muscle cars, they are generally refered to as pony cars. Muscle cars are mid sized cars with large displacement engines. A muscle car in the truest sense is a big block V8 car. A muscle car can't have a 6 cylinder and be a true muscle car, even if it is the same body style. Just because you drive a pile of import crap doesn't mean you should bad mouth real pieces of automotive history. They were built decades ago and are still faster and worth more than your import car. Exhaust tips, graphics, stereo systems and spoilers don't make your car faster. You think trailer trash drive muscle cars? Have you seen the prices of muscle cars lately? Many are worth far more than the house you live in.
muscle car chevelle gto big block fairlane skylark
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A car worthy of being called and not just a little piece of shit that was wound up at the fact 7-8 million times before being released into the American Market.
Muscle Car: 5.7L --- Sounds nice, is nice, is fast, bye bye rice.

Riceburner: 1.6L --- sounds like shit, is shit, is slow, shit i lost.
by Wes August 05, 2003
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A car built by the hardknocks for the hardknocks. These cars (mostly built between the 50's and the early 80's)have more HP and torque than 20 rice burners combined. With insperational designs and epic engines. Not to be confused with an import engine (which sounds way to much like the vibrators i commonly see on porn movies. NO, im talking about the earth trembling low pitch rumble of a V8.
If that kid werent such a stupid mother fucker, he would have spent his money restoring a muscle car. But instead, he somehow spent 50 grand on a muffler and a paint job for his moms honda.
by burrier September 21, 2004
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