(MUSS-bur-gur; v, n.)- Aggressive cunnilingus or the act of aggressive cunnilingus, typically wet and/or sloppy in nature.
My girl said she was hungry for pleasure, so I gave her an extra large musburger and she was quite satisfied.

In 6th grade, I fantasized about musburgering the shit out of the middle school librarian.
by Ghengis Kahn December 14, 2007
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Creepy comments of a lewd nature from old trolls aimed at attractive young women.
That old guy at the store kept giving me the musburgers.

If I hear another musburger I'm going to freak out.
by mr_rimmher January 10, 2013
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A nice wet vagina with many of the same characteristics as Brent Musburger's face, who by the way, no one fucking likes as a college football announcer. I mean really, did you watch the Virginia Tech vs. Boise St. football game? He was terrible. In fact, Brent Musburger has prolly never even tasted the Musburger before. Asshole. Brent Musburger is a pussy.
I wanna lick your musburger
she had the hairiest musburger I've ever encountered.
by Mound Pounder September 06, 2010
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(ˈməs-bər-gər) v, n. – attempting to stimulate a woman’s sexual organs by repeatedly slapping a particularly wrinkly set of testicles against them, often resulting in a moist smacking sound.
You gonna give her the ol’ Musburger?
He tried to Musburger me and I was not having it.
by airmanada October 29, 2013
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According to Hunter S. Thompson (Literary genius and American hero), an idiot who coined the basketball term, "FROM DOWNTOWN!" He was covering the NBA Finals for CBS-TV in the early 1980s, when Musburger changed the language of sports forever when he kept repeating this ignorant notion that any basketball player firing off a long 3-point shot is shooting from "downtown."
"From way downtown!"
"Another one from Downtown!"
-Brent Musburger
by Social Sound System November 21, 2007
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The act of watching a college football game on ABC and taking a shot every time Brent Musburger mentions the Big Ten, if the two teams playing are not from the Big Ten. This form of entertainment is recommended only for alcoholics and college students, as anyone else who attempts it will be rendered brain dead.
My friends and I played the Brent Musburger Drinking Game while watching Texas vs. Oklahoma. Now we are on the waiting list for liver transplants.
by C-Mills December 07, 2011
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