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"Yo man, those tiki torches worked out awesome"
"Yea dude... murfin"

"Dude that chick at the party was really hot, and she got naked"
by eltimo December 04, 2007
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In a sexual context, the act of placing one's mouth on another's belly (or other area of the body) and blowing, thereby creating both a sonorous and pleasing sound and vellicating the recipient, causing them to squirm. Variations on the murfin include a "wet murfin" (incorporating the excretion of saliva onto the recipient during the act of murfing) and the "hairy murfin" (whereby the murfiner grows a mustache and engages in the act of murfing).
Guy: I gave your mom a murfin last night.
Friend: Dude that's gross!
Guy: Don't worry, it wasn't hairy, just wet. Wet all over her belly.
by Desimoto March 31, 2010
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