1.noun- an abrasive or loud mouth.
2.verb- to talk incessantly without purpose.
3.adjective- meaning overly loud, annoying,or abrasive.

Generally from the German word mund
for mouth.
1. noun - You shoot that mund off too much.
2. verb- If you continue to mund at us, we'll have to drop you off somewhere.
3. adjective- You've been so mund all night that our ears are tired.
by Wordsmith January 18, 2005
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A verb meaning to laze around and do nothing. To exert no energy; the complete lack of activity.
'I've been munding all day'
'We're just munding'
'I'm munding, its the act of mundification'
by reacet06 July 18, 2011
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Someone who drinks coffee, smokes cigarettes, complains, and never feels like going out all day.
Our friend is such a Munde.
by Leon West July 23, 2010
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mun-d n. A unit of measurement used to define a massive amount of pornographic material in a digital format.

The size of a "mund" is estimated to be around 55gb of pornographic material.
"I'm sorry I underestimated your porn collection. I had no idea you had several munds here."
by Ramstein CST August 21, 2012
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When you are crushing on//wanting side booty with someone. Can often lead to mutual munding, in which both parties are involved in lust.
Man I love my boyfriend, but I'm totally munding on John. I'd love some of that booty on the side.
by Sara Lou April 12, 2010
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another name for weed, a shorter name for zigmund, ziggy
originated from the creative heads of Weston-S-Mare, UK. (KINGS OF SLANG)
i got a wicker bag of Mund
by MegGus1 August 7, 2007
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Brown Munde defines all the mans in the Indian Sub-Continent. In general, the term became widely used after the song "Brown Munde" by AP Dhillon. It's mostly used by desi mans.
Where these brown munde going?
by DesiMunde February 5, 2021
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