When you’re shaft is inside of a condom
NO, she doesn’t need Plan B, my shit was wrapped like a mummy
by Callmedaddy42 December 5, 2020
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The forbidden phrase. If someone mutters this, japan will be nuked 2 times again, The Universe explodes, Big Chungus dies.
Kevin: ur ancestors incestors
Bob: Not so fast, fucker.
Bob: Ur mummy a fuckin gummy
*Japan gets nuked 4 times in total, the universe collapses, big chungus dies of obesity*
by Daboder2 December 30, 2019
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The craziest, best friends you could ask for. The yummy mummies will always be there whether it's to talk about something serious or to watch your harry styles post you send the groupchat at 4am. You can have the best Christmas while giving the worst piece of shit gifts <3 having a monster can covered shit tree with a can of beans under it was an unforgettable night. Ilygsm

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The sexual procedure in which you wrap her vagina in Fruit by the Foot and your dick with Fruit Roll up and stick it in her, breaking through the Fruit by the Foot and right when you're about to cum you stick your dick in her mouth
Yo I bought me some Fruit by the Foot last night... Gonna give her the ol' "yummy mummy"..
by some_guy65765436 September 3, 2017
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Gordon the tank engine went to Disneyland with ur mom and then they went to the toilet and then to the bed without ur dads knowledge.
Yummy mummy ate a yummy mummy with urmom.
by Kangaroo boi March 22, 2022
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a woman married to a rich man, having his children. shopping all day, looking supurbly dressed, go for beauty sessions in the mornings and have the unfortunate job of taking care of her children after school
"I did not have time for my manicure today, the school came out earlier"

"she is such a yummy mummy puppy!"
by Jealous Tomboy January 19, 2012
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