The one guy in any group of people that you would fuck, whether they are your usual type or not. Named after marcus mumford, the only "attractive" one in mumford & sons
Yo, he was totally the Mumford in that class last year!
by JILLY DUBZ June 12, 2011
To perform oral sex on a woman. A term originating in the midwest. See eat out for more detail
That girl got a lot of Mumford last night and she is happy today.

Wow, that was some smelly, steamy mumford.
by Arthur Baptist February 19, 2008
A Mumord is usually a severely underweight yet tall male with no sense of style or personal hygiene.

Usually stinking of shit or last week’s laundry, a Mumford will often lean over you causing much discomfort.

A Mumford's worst trait is thinking they are a 'know it all' when they in fact have very little knowledge or sense whatsoever. The Mumfords life is proof of this.

A Mumford will cause an argument at every opportunity and put other people down and grass on people to try and crawl ahead in life.

see also: cretin & grasser
1. "Don't be such a mumford, go home and have a bath!"

2. "I don't wanna be a mumford but im going to have to grass on him"
by mummfy December 23, 2009
A word that is multifunctional, and way awesome. When used in conjunction with another word, that word or adjitive also becomes way awesome.
"That shirt screams 'mumford' all over you." (The shirt is now way awesome. and so is the person wearing said shirt.)

and then thoese who wore the shirt picks up loads of chicks.
by [EMumford] June 22, 2006
A form of pubic hair most commonly found on the perineum of an adult male.
Andy feels particularly good today, as his mumford is freshly shorn.

Gwendolyn wanted to go down on me, but she was mortified by the sight of my unkempt mumford!
by charles g. train April 16, 2010
The act of defecating in one's pants while wearing thong-type underwear.
Our romantic evening was ruined when my girlfriend mumforded on the way home.
by Mumford314 October 3, 2013
The act of getting so into the beat and feel of a song by Mumford And Sons you without knowing start to stomp your foot to the beat and swing you air guitar like M&S Frontman Marcus Mumford
Guy1: "Your listening to "The Cave" by M&S!"

Guy2: "Uh yeah, big deal"....( Song progesses, and Guy 1 begins doing the Mumford Stomp)
"Uh... What the hell are you doing?"

Guy1: "Oh, I got lost in the song, I was doing the Mumford Stomp! :D"

Guy2:"...... your freaking weird."
by MumfordRockMysocksoff August 1, 2011