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Adjective describing a stressful or precarious circumstance. Literally, a state of flux. From "multiball," a term that describes a stage in a game of pinball, wherein the player must keep two or more balls in play. Also used as verb (multiballing) and adverb (going multiball). See also multitasking.
For awhile there things were cool, but now everything is so multiball.
by Jenn Frank September 08, 2005
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In pinball, "multiball" means that more than one ball is in play at one time.
In this game, if you lock three balls, you get a multiball.
by Juuitchan May 04, 2004
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1) Verb. Describing the act of dating two or more girls concurrently within a period of time.
2) Exclamation of recognition when you hear about a friend dating more than one girl at a time.
Roommate 1: “Hey dude, just to let you know: It might get a little noisy in this apartment tonight. You might want to go out.”
Roommate 2: “Is Jessica coming over again?”
Roommate 1: “No, I’ve seen her yesterday. Tonight, I’m going to meet up with Sarah again.”
Roommate 2: “Multiball!”
by luk1 June 05, 2009
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Now when I say multiball, i don't mean two. I mean like more than two. It is a man that has many balls. Sometimes it can be a birth defect, but sometimes they are surgically implanted. Cab also be used as an insulting verb. (often considered mean)
Taf you! You little multiball!

Why you always gotta be multiballin me dawg?
by DaNumbaOneStunnaFotyFo March 21, 2003
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