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blowjob - Romanian
could also be used as a generic swearing term (close to "fuck" as meaning"
"i-am dat muie lu' aia"
"she sucked me"
"muie la politicieni"
"fuck the politicians"
by Jbedu December 22, 2003
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in romanian as a noun it means face or mouth, as a verb it means the act of blowjob. it has a big symbolic charge on the youth this word. it is also commonly used to advertise various footbal teams i.e: "muie steaua" etc
De ma mai futi la cap iti sparg muia!

Tu zdreamtza, o iei la muie sau ce naiba faci?

Faci o muie de 50 000, ca mai mult nu am?

Muie Steaua!
by ganjamonsta` April 17, 2006
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Muie is the gypsy word for mouth\face. Then it transformed as one of the most used words in romanian language for the english equivalent "blowjob"
First translated in romanian as "I-am dat una in muie lu fraieru ala!\I punched so hard that sucker in the mouth(muie)".

I-am dat la tarfa aia o muie = I gave that bitch a muie = I gave that bitch to the mouth = the equivalent for blowjob in english
by Seny May 25, 2008
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1)Romanian word for bj.
Can be used in many useful sentences:
1)I-am dat muie lui Borcea.
2)Muie la javre, muie la militieni, muie la tzigani.

1)Borcea sucked my cock.
2)Fuck the Bitches(Dinamo), Fuck the Militiens(Special forces), fuck the Gipsyes(Rrapid)
by Ultras STEAUA July 22, 2006
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