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The best and most loved football team in Romania. The only team in Romania that won UEFA Champions League (in 1986).
You can only love once in a lifetime, I love you Steaua Bucharest!!!
by ioana July 09, 2005
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There's one love- and one champion. Steaua till i die!

The most loved and the most hated football team in Romania.
Steaua- Unirea Alba Iulia 2-1
by madafacaru November 09, 2006
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Steaua is the most titled football team in Romania.

In 2014, Steaua disappeared, following a court decision in favour of CSA. The name, badge, colors and stadium now belong to CSA Steaua Bucureşti, who will play its first season in the 4th league of Romania (2017-18).

Meanwhile, the old team, owned by Gigi Becali, is now called FCSB, and they changed their badge, keeping the same colors and using the largest stadium in Romania, Naţional Arena, after spending some time playing away from Bucharest, in Piteşti.

As of 2016, 49% of Romanians are Steaua fans. Therefore, they are renowned for having many, but stupid fans. Gigi Becali mentioned once that 90% of the gipsies are Steaua fans. Furthermore, 55% of people living in the countryside consider theirselves Steaua fans. Steaua fans are considered "result fans" by their rivals, because of the fact that their stadium is empty when they don't play important matches. There was a famous scene when "pufuleţi" were put on seats in order to attract people to the stadium.

Their ultras are considered inferior to Dinamo and Rapid, their main rivals. They have made some major mistakes, as lifting a Dinamo's message in their kop at a home match against Dinamo, and also receiving money from sponsors in order to make a choreography.

"Citizens" continue to be FCSB fans (FCSB owns the history from 2003 until present), while Steaua ultras (excepting a couple of Peluza Nord groups) are CSA fans (which owns the history from 1947 to 2003).
Cine pula mea e Steaua? Toţi ţăranii o iubesc...

(Who the fuck is Steaua? All the peasants love it...)
by B.I-S August 26, 2017
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