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The act of punching a woman in the abdominal region after performing anal intercourse; causing a large volume of human waste to be thrust out in a liquid form.
I was fucking Cindy last night and I decided to give her the old Muddy River. Sadly, I had to get new sheets.
by OG Pueblo September 25, 2007
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A form of anal intercourse in which the male partner vigorously fucks his female counterpart until she begins to bleed, at which point he gives her a Mike Tyson directly to the lower abdomen. Usually causes uncontrollable shitting by the female; in rare cases, she may even go through anal prolapse.
I just cocked my fist back and gave her a straight right hook to the stomach. What a Muddy River.
by Hieidark123 July 27, 2010
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where a girl takes a massive dump on your lap and makes you piss yourself
merlin miranda got her revenge on me by tieing me to a chair and performing a muddy river on my lap.
by wordup247 October 27, 2010
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