An aninal indegenous to water with a lifespan of about 2 or 3 minutes. Usually dark brown, but can vary to hues to mustard yellow. Where it smells horrible, the odor can usually be alleviated by flushing the toilet.
Hey Dave, come check out my pet mud snake.
by JayBee March 26, 2005
one who has anal sex with another, male or female
Chad had anal sex with a nasty girl at a campground. He is now a "mud snake"
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
When you pull out of a girls ass and she shits all over your dick, your dick is now a "mud snake"
I was fucking Kelly in the ass last night and she totally gave me a mud snake
by fullofsmidt March 3, 2014
Man, I let my dog out to take a dump and he left a huge Mississippi Mud Snake on the back porch.
by Billymudhoney July 23, 2010
Normally describes a gay man, because he is usually engaging in anal sex, therefore; sticking his snake in the mud. But it may also describe a straight man who enjoys anal sex more as opposed to vaginal sex
Dan: "Man, I can't believe Chris was a mud snake all these years"
Kyle: "Yeah good for him though, for being who he is"
Dan: "For sure, once a mud snake always a mud snake"
by Karen Shakespeare June 5, 2022
An Alabama mud snake, like it’s shorter, smaller cousin, the mud snake, is brown, usually, in color, It can also be mustard yellow, green, or red, and black, if it is ill… The Alabama mud snake, is the larger, and more aggressive version, of your typical mud snake. Usually spanning from 13, to 16 inches long, it can be as big around as a dollar bill, join the end to end, Though there have been incidents reported where an Alabama mud snake was found to be anywhere from 10, to 15 inches around. Reports on this, however, are dubious, at best, and are better ignored, then to be believed. Being of the Anguis genus, Latin name Sternus Anguis, It belongs to the same branch of month snakes as the German mud Python, the Taiwanese mud snake, the Japanese mud snake, and your garden variety mud snake. It is not, however, at all related to the mud viper, or mud rattler, as is commonly misconceived. Indications that you were dealing with an Alabama mud snake are, again, it being anywhere from 13 to 15 inches long, anywhere from eight, to 10 inches in diameter, as well as a ceiling it’s victim with a rather pungent odor or. Common methods of disposal are as follows; Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to flush the snake. It will put up a fight, and cause you and your loved ones on ending misery, for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Instead, kill it with a plunger handle, dismember it with said plunger, then safely dispose of it in single ply grocery bags, in your neighbors trashcan.
Thank God we managed to kill that Alabama mud snake, now let’s go ahead and follow the protocols and dump it in Cletus’s trashcan next door!
by Bandit 989 July 18, 2022