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A muckbang is where a consumer/person consumes large amounts of food while interacting with friends,family and or veiwers
I'm am going to go film my muckbang now.
by Bluebird1081 January 14, 2017
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When you eat a big amount of food with friends like a gangbang but with food .
Person 1: I’m so hungry rn

Person 2: same I wanna have a muckbang with Kyle,Finn and Zac ?
by Sexyshitinacup June 24, 2018
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generally a get together to do heavy narcotics and eat generous amounts of food to the point where they need to be in the icu preferably
Girl 1: Lets do a muckbang?
Girl 2: I already have 2lbs of herion and meth, just bring the weed.
Girl 1: Nice
by mari y. May 01, 2019
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