After a good doggie style romp, the jizz left on the tip of your cock gets rubbed into the chicks bunghole. A little poop gets mixed in during the rubbing and you muck it up.
After banging the bitch doggie style, I blew on her back. Then I mucked it up for a bit, before banging her sister.
by Dr. Davidoff Vilson March 28, 2005
Muckit is when you take your cock and push it around in your bitches smoosh around her shit and your gizz.
After I was done banging my bitch, I mucked it up.
by Dr. Davidoff Vilson March 22, 2005
Put your balls in her mouth and get her to hum until you muck up on her face.
by Jumpy June 17, 2006
when a woman's vagina and rectum fuse,then ulcerate, causing feces to come out of the vagina.
i would not want to be a mucked up cunt, or go down on one either.
by ol upchuck November 30, 2020