A combination of the Spanish word "mucho" and the German word "uber". Combined they form "muber", which is like uber, but to a further extent. Not to be confused with moober.
Jake: I got Dead Rising yesterday!
Dave: Sweet! How is it?
Jake: Dude, its muber cool!
by B-Fluff January 30, 2008
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The act of getting murdered by your Uber driver.
Bryan didn't come home last night. He was likely mubered.
by pmanny March 24, 2016
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Mum-Uber. When your mum drives you and your friends around as your own personal uber.
P1: hey dude do you think you can get us a ride?
P2: sure I'll call my Muber
by DeadlyAlpaca March 15, 2019
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A person who always mooches am über ride and never offers to pay for their own.
Megan: There are three of us going out tonight but we are just going to take a über instead of walking

Sophia: Oh! You have an extra seat so can I just ride along with you guys

Group: *sighs* she's such a muber
by maddogX) November 16, 2015
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