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Muazzams are untrustworthy. Muazzam is someone who steals rulers and puts gum on people’s phones. Muazzams have an obsession with burning the things belonging to the girl he likes.
Amber: Did you see Muazzam? He stole my ruler again! He said he burnt it. .-.
by fisholoiu May 30, 2018
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An idiotic ruler thief who ruins peoples phone by sticking gum on them
by Jaeisbae123 May 30, 2018
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Urdu name that derives from the word greatness. It is usually given to hot Pakistani boys. Once they hit puberty they usually grow their beard and they are into arabian girls. Always looking after their body, they are usually very fit. They have a funny sense of humor and a kind heart. If you ever cross paths with a Muazzam make sure you never let go as they are by far one of the rarest purest forms of men. One would also say they are God-like. (Half-God half Human).
Person1: Omg look at that angel over there

Person2: He is definitely a Muazzam
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by Neilcaufrey May 01, 2018
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