A: smh
J: smh?
A: shaking my head
J: mso!
A: mso?
J: yeah, me saying oh
by kdog1752 March 25, 2011
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the towns of maplewood and south orange, new jersey where the nights are long(if the cops don't show up, which usually happens now due to maplewood online); where 'natty-lite' is consumed as though it was water; where every weekend you're tempted to just drink on the street since no one will have a party but in the summer usually just end up at the gaga courts or memorial park; where sometimes you're either scared behid belief of the ghetto people and then sometimes they're your best friends; where when someone gets a car, it's a godsend; where you wish the rez wasnt a gay meeting place or a place to dispose body parts so you could party; where the surrounding towns suck(aka millburn, union, livingston...); where marijuana is in such abundance that you dont even need the neighboring horrible towns; where trattoria is your home base for those boring nights and "bagel" is your base for those hang-over mornings.
you know your form mso when:
you got to "bagel" every sunday for brucnh to recap the previous nights drunken ridiculousness
you love 'natty-lite' as though your life depended on it
you love/hate the ghetto
you love the rare-amazing party
you always count on a select few to sketchily get you the 'natty-lite' you so badly need
you hate hearing the phrase 'party in newstead' cuase you know that will mean a 3 mile hike to a destination that will be broken up by the cops
you fit close to 10 poeple in a 5-seater car
you have a life-time full of memories of those drunken nights in either the dead of winter at a sketchy house or in the beautiful summer at the gaga courts
you will never forget the many years of amazing times shared by all in mso
by mso<3 January 24, 2006
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Maplewood / South Orange New Jersey the dirty jerz the coolest town in usa, home to celebriities such as lauren hill, thelonious monk, michael and elizabeth shue, zack braff, wyclef, subliminal orphans and many more awesome people
How you chillin up in MSO, the coolest place
by Jeremy Margent January 3, 2006
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I don't seem to be able to connect on my DSL?

That's because there is a MSO, your local exchange has gone up in flames!
by d3fy February 8, 2005
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Mercy Sux Omg. The first letter can be replaced with another one of your choice i. e tso : teletubbues sux...
Normal person: -What's with that dude?
Nomal person #2: -mso...
by Tzu May 6, 2004
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Murder-suicide ourselves
This high school reunion is so painful I just want to MSO.
by kdonkd December 16, 2010
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Morale Suppression Officer. A person, normally lower to middle management - who stalks the bays in an open-plan office, suppressing laughter, fun and/or any other form of enthusiastic conduct exhibited by staff members. MSO's have no friends, are distinguishable by their total lack of man-management capabilities or skills, and are frequently promoted when they have broken the spirit of their existing, allocated, organic work-units.
Subdued Staff member 1: "..shit man - here comes my MSO.."

Subdued Staff member 2: "..crap - quick kick me in the nuts, one of us needs to be crying.."

Subdued Staff Member 1: "..I can't, I've just shit my pants.."

Subdued Staff member 2: "..ok, ok - stare at the floor and mumble some words of apology - maybe he'll pass by and leave us alone.."

Subdued Staff Member 1: "..no chance - he's an MSO - he knows everything.."
by Morase Suppression Officer December 10, 2003
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