Comical simple character that a show is based on. Takes his teddy called "Teddy" everywhere with him and is a bit stupid. Played by comcedian Rowan Atkinson.
Person: Did you watch Mr Bean the other day?
Other Person: Yes, I quite enjoyed the comical scene where Mr Bean pushes the three wheeled car out of a carpark so he can have it. He doesn't like that car!
Person: Indeed!
by Super-Sarah August 25, 2006
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An absolute amazing comedy fun for all the family. This man is a complete retard and the word he can say is "bean." GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!
Receptionist- "can i take your name?"
Mr. Bean- "BEAN!!"
by scott tracey September 16, 2006
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Mr Bean is the ultimate comedian. Silly, hilarious and pretty much silent he never fails to make people scream with laughter.
person1: Woah! Look it's Mr Bean!
person 2: Wait I see a turkey
person 1: Well yeah! the turkey is on Mr Bean's head!
by smellycat97 December 8, 2011
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a hilarious british TV comedy that was cancelled, if it has been cancelled. mr. bean is played by rowan atkinson who is also in the movies love actually and bean. in my opinion, one of the funniest British TV shows to be cancelled.

made into an fiscally unsuccessful movie starring rowan atkinson and the crazy dude from ghostbusters.
i like the episode where mr. bean falls asleep during church on his knees and face on the floor and he sneezes and has to use the inside of his pocket as a handkerchief.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk December 29, 2005
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"All hail Mr. Bean"
"Excuse me, but do you have a moment to talk about our god, Mr. Bean?"
by Good_Sir June 13, 2018
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The best fucking drum player ever to walk this planet.
Mr. Beans is not gay.
by Wait, who is Joe? November 16, 2019
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