Man, you've got allot of Moxy.

I'v got some Moxy for you. Leave my undercarrage out of your conversation you MasterBateman you!

Your so filled with Moxy due to the fact all you've been thinking about is undercarrages and snow plowing pees. Cool your jets fly boy.

You want some come get some Moxy Moron.
by Kelsey'sAMoxer April 16, 2010
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An articulated dump truck, such as the Moxy Company itself builds. However Hitachi, CAT and other brands also produce articulated dump trucks known on site as "moxy's".

They are 6x6 trucks, some (CAT / Volvo) with 2 option diff locks (hitachi has the single "lock all diffs" switch). Where as CAT has interaxle and cross axle diff locks.... (depends if steering input is required or not). Hell fun, and go almost anywhere in comparasion to any civi vehicles.
Bring the fucking 40 ton moxys down to the gantry and move this mudddy shit away....
by CozmoNz March 16, 2008
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someone whom has the attributes and personality or potential to be fuckable and/or able to be fucked with
a beautiful/hot girl has alot of moxy, a duck/or ugly girl has no moxy
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Moxy is the way you present harshwords in a jokingly manner; and in fact, most of the time mean it in a complimenting way as to expand the usage of your vocabulary, instead of being limited to the same words lables you use in your every day lifes over & over again, losing its value & meaning
"dude i met this girl, but shes not "oh just, shes just some girl", shes fucking amazing and funny!!!! i really like her ...she makes me smile !!!!"

The girl i like; knows about Moxy:
"oh whos this your talking about? :P"

"well its most definitely not you, but its just this girl whos name is haw-nuh, i like how its different :) she makes me smile and get this weird feeling in my cheast, right around where my heart is, heck, if i was a doctor, i might say its even my heart"

"what a stupid name. but it sounds to me like you like this girl. hmmmm :) well, i'm not too jealous cause i've been seeing this guy who gives me these uncontrollable butterflies. and he makes me grin like a big dork. on a scale from 1 to awesome, he's amazing..."
by Angookie May 20, 2010
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Moxy is used to describe an individual who is such a hipster to the extent that they use a phrase, from the 40's, that was never complimentary to begin with. The word can also indicate mental retardation and illiteracy (see rednecks).
person 1: Son, you sure do have a lot of moxy.
person 2: You too. I know, let's fail education, together.

person 1: So why did you have the abortion?
person 2: The fetus tested positive for moxy.
person 1: I'm so sorry to hear that.
by Adam123123 May 22, 2013
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Striving to be so awesomely insane that words are made up; Awesanity
"That kid's got some definite moxy. I should go bow before his moxy right now."
by Luxenburg January 29, 2008
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