Someone who is simply pure awesome. He has the kindest heart and the best humour. He will always make you smile no matter what mood you're in. His words are soft and gentle yet his content is deep and meaningful. He has a brave soul and is prepared to do anything (such as jump off an airplane). You'll more than likely fall in love with this guy within 5 minutes of talking.
Damn, that Mourad is awesome. Any girl would be so lucky to have him!
by SilverLovesLoganlol August 11, 2016
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A strapping lad who is very fond of his penis even though it's only a diddleun. But his friends still love him, in a non-sexual way (mostly).
Person 1: Ohh, look at him, he is such a mourad.
Person 2: Hunky though.
by Prince Arutha October 17, 2010
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