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a small town in washington state between shoreline & lynnwood. known for teenage drug use & it's rivalry with lynnwood.
"dude, mountlake terrace sucks!"

"hey, at least we're better than lynnwood!"
by angela greene July 27, 2008
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First ring suburb of Seattle. Was once a cool place, filled with friendly and gracious rednecks who lived authentically and didn't give a shit about what others think of them. Now it's full of suburban trash. Girls are airheads, wear juicy couture and uggs because they think that's what rich girls wear, and become obese by the time they're 20. Guys are pathetic wanna be gangsters. Everyone knows the name of every Jersey Shore cast member but can't name a frigging Supreme Court Justice. Everyone is trying to quit smoking.

Many people in this city are obese because they eat teriyaki once a week, hamburger 3 times a week, pizza 12 times a week, and ice cream after dinner 17 times a week. Every shopping plaza has a smoke shop, teriyaki, Gamestop, and a Starbucks.
There's a party at Mountlake Terrace, wanna go?

No man, I don't want to drink 4 Loko and Mike's Lemonade and then hook up with an STD ridden skank.
by 5rhkmndf May 04, 2011
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A city of 20,000 ripped in half by I-5 at the very edges of King and Snohomish County. Many people only know of the existence of Mountlake Terrace because of it's giant Phallic water tower that juts into the sky on the west side of the freeway. Home to Mountlake Terrace high school, which upon the completion of Lynnwood High school in September of 2009, will become the nastiest school in the Edmonds School District, making the name "Terrace Trash" more than official.
Where are you from?

Mountlake Terrace.

Oh... that's what that smell is.
by NoremacM August 08, 2008
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A town in WA, commonly known for how terrible the school sports teams are and how they resort to needing their parents to tell the opposing teams coach to play their worst players, just so they wouldn't be so humiliated.
Why is Mountlake terrace's team kicking the ball? They know this is basketball right?
by Fernanman August 07, 2011
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