The Mortal Reminder is doing an act where your fantasies take over so someone reminds you that you're doing some fked up shit.
I was jerking off to the hottest girl in class but she was right in front of me. A bit later the school shooter tells me to stop and to leave his corpse alone.

Josh: " Was anyone hurt at the school shooting?"
Me: " Yeah a few students died, luckily the school shooter was nice enough to give me a Mortal Reminder because the rest was distracted of mine act instead of his."
by Mister Dope June 05, 2018
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a not so bad netflix original where the protagonist makes me want to fucking kill myself because of her shitty acting. its a not so good rendition of the book series with barely decent and an atrOCIOUS ONE (makes me want to use eye bleach).
why the fuck am i watching ShadowHunters: The Mortal Instruments (Netflix Series) ???? god this is so shit e n d m e
by CloudLuka August 09, 2017
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Recently a man survived the holocaust, spanish flu, and now COVID 19 he is an Ex-mortal
by mista2 April 06, 2020
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