Someone who isn't afraid to be herself. She's extremely smart and will stick to her opinion. She is crazy, weird and funny. You will have a blast being her friend. She wont ever let you down and can be trusted with anything. She has unique beauty that cannot be compared easily. She is the best friend anyone could possibly have.
"Who's that crazy motherfucker over there laughing..?"

"That's my best friend Morgane"
by jackshotdoginmabun January 19, 2013
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Morgane is an interesting girl. She often takes on adult responsibilities and can occasionally be quite commandeering when she wants to be. Overall, though, she is a very nice person to hang out with, and will always know a way to make you smile when you're sad. She can be quite inappropriate at times, which does slightly 'decrease her wealth' so to speak, but if you can deal with it ok then she's a great best friend. Most Morganes will be your friend for life, and as a girlfriend she is already going to be your future wife. Amazing to hang out with, and often nicknamed "Mog" by people close to her.
"Wow! Is that really your girlfriend! She looks nice"

"Yes, she's a Morgane type of girl"
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Named after Derek Morgan From Criminal Minds. It describes how one can be rugby tackled to the ground from a sprint.
A:"You got Morganed!"
B: "Yep - that sure was an epic tackle!
by Chocolate Frog February 27, 2009
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She is a very beautiful and clever person. Really, really beautiful and clever, but she won’t agree with you if you tell her. She is the most loyal and sweetest person you will ever meet. She is always there for her friends, and if she loves you, she will be there for your whole life. A Morgane as girlfriend is pretty much already your dreamwife. Don’t miss out on her, because you’ll only miss her.
Guy: Damn bro she’s so sweet and pretty and clever
His friend: Of course it’s a Morgane
by Valentineboy February 13, 2021
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Morgan is beautiful and strong, she’s someone you want to be around 24/7. She’s extremely caring and loyal and loves to make others happy which is her best quality. She’s also very intelligent and artistic and her music taste is also the best as she likes a wide range. She is honestly the whole package. If she’s your best friend, you will love having her around because there’s honestly never a dull moment around her. She’s hilarious and always fun yet quiet when she has to be, extremely polite too. The best thing about her is that she will always put you first and never disregard your feelings. She is an amazing person periodt. Everyone needs a Morgan in their lives.
“Morgan is such a great person, she listens to everyone’s problems as though they’re her own. That’s why everyone loves her.”
“Morgan? You mean the girl who always puts a smile on my face?”
by sparklykoko October 21, 2019
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Morgan is the love of my life and probably the love of your life too. She's the most intelligent and hard working human being and that's why she succeeds at everything she does. She has the best and quickest imagination and makes the funniest jokes. Morgan is the kind of beautiful that addicts you and infects you and inspires you to be the best version of yourself. She encapsulates so many superlatives: the most beautiful, smart, kind and funny girl on earth at any point in time.
Morgan is my bae.
by Spanky McDonald November 20, 2016
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Morgan is the girl of your DREAMS! The one that is absolutely gorgeous! The one that can make you smile on your worst day! Someone you want to be around forever. If your dating a Morgan, your damn lucky! If you ARE a Morgan, then just take a second to realize how great you are, and how much the people around you appreciate you.
You:"Holy Shit is That Morgan? She is WAY hotter then everyone says she is"
Morgan: "Who are you talkin bout"
You: Ummmm.... No one, hey are you available this afternoon?"
by BowlovNoodles December 30, 2016
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