term used by women who are involved in long deep satisfying sex sessions
"oh baby... yeah... oh yeah... ahhhhh yeah... ahhh thats it yeah fuck... oh thats good yeah... ah yeah Ah AH AHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH FUCK ME BABY YEAH MORE AH HARD YEAH FUCK BABY YEAH MORE MORE FUCK ME MORE GIVE ME MORE YEAH" etc etc
by StickyGooPants June 6, 2004
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a word that, if you're good enough, your girl will be screaming over and over again in bed
"dude, when I was screwing your sister last night she was screaming give me more, over and over again"
by cough* November 29, 2004
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In an effort to motivate and encourage lazy Alderley Edge homies into doing something, going out, down the pub for instance, a short sharp "more" can be a jee-up to instil action.
"C'mon lets go into Wilmslow. More!"
by BrynD September 26, 2006
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A sexual insinuation
You should come over my house to study...and more.
by minivantheman October 23, 2006
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